Roadvert & Spedian help South Staffordshire District Council raise more revenue

20 JAN

Roadvert & Spedian help South Staffordshire District Council raise more revenue

A forward-thinking council is preparing to collect revenue as well as rubbish with its refuse trucks by selling advertising space on the vehicles.

South Staffordshire District Council plans to bring in extra cash to help plug a budget gap by offering the space to businesses and outside organisations.

Its 15 refuse trucks already carry public information campaigns and all are fitted with a “quick-change” system of vehicle graphics called Spedian™.

The council is also using an online tool called Roadvert to help it maximise this revenue generating initiative. Using high-quality official data Roadvert calculates how many people will see the messages and puts a price on the service.

The audience reach can be broken down by age group and Roadvert will estimate how long a campaign will need to run in order to reach a certain percentage of the target demographic.

Advertising will be sold by the council’s entrepreneurial arm, the Business Hub, for two of the refuse trucks, initially to local businesses. The council is also in talks with the Local Government Association about running national campaigns.

Business Hub Lead, Imre Tolgyesi, said: “Roadvert is a really cool website that enables us to see how many people will view the advertisements and we will use that information to sell the advertising.

“It’s another tool in our armoury to generate money directly for our public services. Every pound that we generate will help. If each department could raise thousands of pounds a year it would go a long way to retaining services for the benefit of local residents.

“We’ve not sold advertising on refuse trucks before because the financial incentive wasn’t there. But times have changed and councils have to adopt a more commercial perspective now.”

The Spedian™ graphics system is ideally suited for running third-party advertisements because it takes less than an hour to remove or apply the high-quality graphics panels to a vehicle.

Unlike many other graphics systems, it presents no problems in being fitted to leased or hired vehicles because it does not damage the paintwork or body of the vehicle.

Lawrence Craig, CEO of Spedian and Roadvert, said: “We are delighted to be helping South Staffordshire District council to raise more revenue in such a visual way for the benefit of local residents and businesses.

“I am sure it will catch on – council vehicles visit every street, are out almost every day, are highly visible and a great means of communication, so advertisers will see a great potential.

“And as councils are increasingly looking for innovative ways to balancetheir budgets it’s a win-win proposition.”

South Staffordshire District Council is, like many other local authorities, facing a growing budget gap in coming years because the government’s annual grant, the Revenue Support Grant, is being phased out by 2020.

Although councils will get to keep all of their business rates, instead of handing half over to the Treasury as at present, many estimate that will still leave them with multi-million pound shortfalls years after year.


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