Spedian - the world's lightest changeable and reusable graphics system is now available in the U.S.A!

The Spedian system is the most advanced graphics system in the world because it requires no visible framing. Marketing Managers can maximize their messaging without the clunkiness of a protruding metal frame and swap promotions with frequency and ease. For safety-conscious Fleet Managers, Spedian met the DOT's legal width requirements and was thoroughly tested at the Transportation Research Center in Ohio to pass on all counts.

Spedian is the ‘analogue’ part of the unique digital Roadvert truck and trailer marketing system

Spedian is quickly becoming the changeable graphics system of choice and is available from Signature Graphics, Inc. - an Omnicom Agency.

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What our Clients Think

  • The banners with the new branding look phenomenal, and the whole fleet of trailers looks great. It's so much easier and there are no issues replacing the graphics even on trailers we've had for 20 years. It's so much better than what we did previously to represent the MillerCoors brand.

    Bear Trucking
    Jeff Watson, General Manager
  • The 54 trailers look amazing, and have exceeded expectations. Everyone in marketing and the automotive team were so impressed with this innovative mode of advertising, that we are already looking forward to future initiatives.

    Canadian Tire
    Alex Attard, Strategic Marketing Manager
  • We have had no problem with the system and find the downtime on fitting considerably less than our previous frame trailers. I would have no problem in recommending Spedian as a company that you can trust to offer a competitive and trustworthy system.

    Ian Chalmers, Logistics Manager